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We recommend all items are cleaned before use

Hire Details

Complete Crockery Set - Contains
Heavy Brown Crockery – 10” Plate, 8”Plate (glazed and Unglazed), Bowl and Goblet
Wooden Handle Knife and Fork, Wooden Spoon, Pewter 1 pint Tankard

Booking – For the booking to be secured, the Order Confirmation needs to be signed, and a deposit of 25% of the total value needs to be paid. The final payment needs to be made by cheque 5 working days before the event, or cash on delivery if agreed in advance.

Cleaning – All items, and especially wooden spoons, should be thoroughly dry before sealing in crates. No industrial chemicals should be used for Pewter items.
If goods are returned unclean, we will charge £1.00 per item. Please ensure it is clean.

Breakages and Loss - Breakages and loss will be charged at the “Replacement Charge per Item” cost on the Medieval Order Confirmation and Delivery Note.

Delivery and Collection

Address Details – A valid UK postcode is required for all deliveries. If the delivery or collection point is not a commercial address, we will require specific directions and/or a map. Delivery time is only an approximate indication.

Agreed Times – If the goods cannot be delivered or collected, we will make a charge of £40 per hour from the agreed time on the Order Confirmation.

Courier Deliveries

Packaging – Goods should be returned in the same the same crates and packaging as supplied. If good are not re-packed we will levy a 10% surcharge on the hire value.

Delivery Point - we should be advised if the delivery point is:

  • Not on the ground floor, unless a suitable lift is available.
  • Further than 50 yards of a free parking delivery point.

Delivery and Collection – Pallet
Address Details – The delivery or collection will need to be a commercial with easy access for a 7.5 tonne lorry. The surface must be flat and a pallet truck available

Agreed Times – The delivery bay will need to be staffed 9-5 Mon to Friday to accept deliveries.
Packaging – Goods must be packed in the same condition as they arrived.


If the event is cancelled after the contract is signed, we are under no obligation to return the deposit. We will however be as accommodating as possible, and will return a deposit in full or part depending on the cancellation circumstances and period from hire date.


Damage or Injury - We hold no responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury caused by any of our goods, however caused.

If we are unable to deliver the item on the agreed time and date, we will let you know immediately. We accept no responsibility for any subsequent loss of income caused by our failure to satisfy a complete order.



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